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Steam Coils

Updated: May 11, 2023

Steam HVAC Coil

Last month, we began our venture into exploring the various kinds of HVAC coils by taking a look at hot water coils. We focused on how they work, when you might need one, and the materials and specifications that Re-Coil Solutions offers. This month, we are turning our attention to steam coils.

The standard steam coil has a very different make up from a hot water coil, but interestingly, they function in a similar way. The biggest difference is, as the name would suggest, the use of steam instead of water. Because steam is significantly more corrosive than hot water, the construction of the coil must be able to stand up to steam’s unique properties. Typically, this will mean that the thickness of the tube walls and brazing are increased from those on a standard hot water coil.

The second kind of steam coil is called a steam-distributing coil. These coils are often given the misnomer “non-freeze coils.” Despite this popular nickname, it is important for consumers to understand any coil can freeze it put in the right conditions. The steam-distributing coil differs significantly from a standard steam coil because it is crafted as a tube within a tube. In other words, for every visible tube there is a corresponding inner tube inside. This design utilizes the steam flowing through the inner tube as a warming device for the condensate in the outer tube, preventing freezing. If your system is regularly taking in air that is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the ideal coil. This method distributes steam so evenly throughout the entire coil it is much less likely that you will see a freeze in this model as compared with the standard steam coil, even in colder environments. The distribution of the heat via steam is where the “non-freeze” name comes from. Through, as mentioned earlier, no coil is completely freeze resistant.

Re-Coil offers steam coils that are suitable in a variety of HVAC air cool and dehumidifying applications. Standard and custom designs are available for both new and retrofit installations. Various metals, such as cupro-nickel, aluminum, and stainless steal tubes and fins are available to match the performance requirements and level of corrosion resistance needs for each specific application. Custom replacement coils are our specialty, so call today at 903-653-0942 to discuss your specific needs!

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