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Coil Selection Software
Custom In-House Apps To Help Our Clients Do Their Job Better

At Re-Coil Solutions one of our goals is to make your job easier. Our In-House development team has created applications to help our clients select the exact coil they need and with the use of a smart phone be able to get pricing on-the-spot. No more calling, or searching the web and wasting time. Our apps will show you what you need and and exactly how much it costs. Find out more about our 'Coil Selection Software" and "Mobile Pricing App" below.

         Coil Selection Software


Our Windows™ based Coil Selection Software allows you to find the exact coil you need for the job. Simply create a  new job, enter the data, and our software will do the rest. Our time saving software will let you concentrate on your customer and repairs.... and not spending hours or days searching for the right coil.

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