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Re-Coil Gives Back: One Love Longview

Updated: May 11, 2023

Re-Coil employee April Keith stands with employees from One Love Longview in front of their budiling

“You’ve got to know your why.” That is what managing director Chad LaGrone emphasized as we discussed my potential employment at Re-Coil Solutions in August of last year. He went on to explain, “Kids don’t dream of selling HVAC coils when they grow up, most of us just kind of end up in the industry. But you have to know why you do it. Is it because it helps fund a secure life for your family? Or because it allows you to finance dreams you couldn’t afford to do otherwise? Whatever it is, whatever you do, know your why.”

For Chad, a part of that why is investing in his local East Texas Community and enabling his employees to do the same. That is how the Recoil Gives Back quarterly giving incentive started. With a vision to connect employees with causes they cared about in their community, a unique opportunity was offered. An employee would be selected once a quarter to choose a non-profit/charity of their choice to receive a sizable donation in the company’s name. In addition, because true investment in the community calls for more than just money but also action, this donation is paired with one paid out-of-office day a year so employees can volunteer at the organization where the donation is made.

When asked where she would like to donate, Executive Assistant and Office Manager, April Keith did not hesitate. “It has to be One Love Longview,” she told the office. One Love Longview is a non-profit organization that meets a myriad of needs in the Longview area. For those on the margins of society in Gregg County, One Love Longview offers a lifeline by seeking to provide relief, restoration, and healing for its clients.

After touring the organization’s new facility with the assistant director, April and I were floored by the amount of needs being met in one building. Down one hall comfortable and dignity affirming counseling rooms, equipped with students training to be Licensed Professional Counselors, offered mental health care to those who could not afford it elsewhere. With the oversight of Tina Rushing, a Master Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience, these students gain valuable experience and clinical hours needed to complete their licensing while also providing accessible mental health care to those who need it in the community.

Down another hallway, a nurse was meeting with patients without insurance or access to consistent and affordable health care. Those waiting for their turn with the nurse sat patiently in a clean and relaxed waiting room smiling and offering kind greetings of welcome as we walked by.

Another turn took us through a small kitchen where snacks of all kinds lined the walls. We were told that these snack bags are provided to those who need emergency food assistance but are denied help at local pantries due to a lack of ID or other prohibitory measures. Further down there was a large storage room filled with toiletries and clothing. Everything from deodorant and toothbrushes to COVID-19 tests lined the walls waiting for their new homes.

In the back of the building there is a homey client area. This is safe space with a variety of comfortable chairs and couches for clients to relax in. One room features a TV and is lined with washers and dryers for those who needed a place to wash clothes. Another room, affectionately called the “zen room,” is filled with softer lighting and a couple bookcases filled with reading material. This relaxing environment backs up to much more lively dining room where breakfast was still being served. Regular meals are served out of this room, open to all who are hungry.

In speaking with the director, Amanda Veasy, a clear love for the people she worked with filled every word spoken. She explained how all of these services work together, meeting both the immediate needs and addressing long-term trauma. Ms. Veasy explained that untreated trauma is always the underlying cause for those experiencing homelessness. Mental health services are imperative to get to the root of the problem in order to provide true healing and restoration. But it is impossible to ask someone to come sit in a counseling room and do the hard work of healing when their bodies ache or are starving. In this way, all the services work together to restore dignity in both body and soul and empower real change in the lives of One Love’s clients.

We are proud to have contributed in a small way to this outstanding organization. If you would like to contribute, One Love Longview is always in need of monetary donations in order to provide things like IDs and birth certificates so clients can apply for jobs, receive government assistance, and qualify for housing. They are also in need of men’s pants and shorts, along with socks and underwear. If you would like to volunteer, visit their website at and select the volunteer tab. Volunteer coordinators are there to help you or your group to find a way to serve.

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