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Hot Water Coils: Water They Anyway?

Updated: May 11, 2023

HVAC water coil

At Re-Coil Solutions, we know that the equipment you need to keep your HVAC system running smoothly is not always one size fits all. Often, the type, size, and material makeup of coils needed in this industry are as varied as the customers we serve. Over the next several months, we will offer a simple straightforward look into the various HVAC coils we offer. The goal is to give you the information and tools you need to feel confident in purchasing coils needed for the systems with which you work.

With fall on the horizon, it is time to begin planning for your winter heating needs. One of the stars of the winter coil world is the hot water coil. Water coils are key parts of HVAC systems that rely on boilers to heat your homes and businesses. This particular heating technique has been used for decades; therefore it is not uncommon for older systems to need replacement parts that may no longer be in production. In these situations, custom water coils may be needed to keep your system up and running. Re-Coil Solutions specializes in these situations, offering your business the opportunity to “re-coil” instead of having to assume the high cost and stress of installing an entirely new HVAC system.

But how exactly do these coils work? Hot water coils function as a kind of heat exchanger, and are sometimes called hydronic coils. They used hot water (as the name would suggest) from the boiler to heat or remove moisture from the air. The air that is heated from the hot water flowing through the tubes of the coil flows through the coil’s fins and is dispersed warming the environment. It really is that simple!

Depending on your system and your particular heating needs, the tubes that hold the water in the coils come in a variety of different materials such as copper, cupro-nickel (an alloy that contains both nickel and copper), carbon steel, and stainless steel. These tubes can also be distributed across the device either horizontally or vertical, and even in some special cases outside of the coil casing itself. There are also a variety of different fin materials available to match the temperature requirements and level of corrosion resistance needed for your application.

If you find yourself in need of a new hot water coil this winter, be sure to give the professionals at Re-Coil Solutions a call. Our application engineers are happy to guide you through our easy to use quote sheet or to visit you on site to ensure that you receive the perfect fit for your project every time. For your free quote, give us a call today at 903-653-0942.

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Daniel Wickham
Daniel Wickham
May 01

After struggling with inconsistent hot water due to a faulty coil, I decided to reach out to HVAC Contractor Palm Beach company for help. I'm so glad I did! They were able to schedule a repair appointment quickly, and their technician arrived on time, fully equipped to tackle the issue.

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